October 3, 2016 | In: Family, Geocaching

Steaming towards a milestone

Engine No. 17

This weekend I finally collected on one of my Fathers’ Day gifts: a steam-train excursion on the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad with Diana.  Leaving from Elbe, Washington, we crossed the Nisqually River and Mineral Creek on a four-car train pulled by 1-4-1 oil-fired steam locomotive, formerly in the employ of the Hammond Lumber Company.

dsc_0600     dsc_0625   dsc_0681

Once we got to Mineral, WA, we enjoyed time wandering through a logging museum, seeing a number of other steam engines in various stages of restoration, as well as several logging cabins and other logging equipment.  Then it was back on the train and back down to Elbe.

After finding a geocache near the train depot, we drove up through Ashford and on up to (but not through) the gates of Mount Rainier National Park.  We then started back down the hill and stopped at the Copper Creek Inn for lunch (the chowder is fantastic…) and then geocached our way back down the road.  We stopped in Eatonville to visit Diana’s dad, and then meandered our way over some back roads into Tacoma.

Our geocaching near the mountain had put me at 1,999 caches.  I wanted to find a fun one for my 2,000th.  We saw that The Drive Through cache, which had been broken when we looked for it previously, had been repaired.  It was fun to figure it out, and cool to reach this milestone.

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