August 28, 2013 | In: Family, Geocaching, Ham Radio

Milestones and Reboots

Several things have happened in the last week or so… now is time to bring all three of my faithful readers up to speed… (Hi, Mom, Hi, Honey…)

Geocaching Milestone

On Friday (Aug. 23rd) Diana and I made a geocache find for the 365th consecutive day. We found the Sarah's Cold De Sac (sic) cache to mark finding at least one geocache every day for a year.  Things got a bit weird from time to time trying to keep the streak alive, but keep it alive we did.  On Saturday the 24th, we went and found the They call him The Streak challenge cache and collected our "The Streak"  poker chips.  On Sunday the 25th we went and found the A Month of Sundays Challenge Cache, having found caches on more thatn 30 consecutive Sundays while doing the rest of our streak.  We will keep our streak going through the end of the month to finish out the 31 Days of Geocaching.

Phone Reboot

We also finally replaced our aging cell phones, finally joining the Smartphone set, Android style.  I'm thinking that our Geocaching streak might have been easier had we had these earlier, but life goes on… in the meantime, we're having fun playing with some of the cool features and apps… I know… a little late to the party, but at least we got there…

Car Reboot

And last, but definitely not least, we've picked up a replacement for Diana's Car (a victim of a cracked cylinder).  We are are now owners of a 12 year old VW Passat Wagon which runs much quieter and smoother than my "Only bought it to drive back and forth to the Park-and-Ride" 20-year-old Escort.  There are a couple of issues to work out, but we got a good enough deal on the car that we can have them fixed.  Our first trip was to drive out to Yelm and see the BIL's new place, and to (of course) find a geocache.

Satellite Update

I'm still working on the sattelite antenna, in between geocaching, car shopping, and visitng with family and friends.  I've opted to go with a PVC pipe and metal tape-measure construction for my first antenna.  Actually had it together, but I was not happy with the solder joints (soldering to the tape measure is a PAIN and the joints kept failing ) so I am switching to threaded studs and ring terminals for the electrical connections.  I'll be putting up a photo album documenting my build soon.


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