November 12, 2013 | In: Geocaching, Ham Radio

Late to the (Podcast) Party

OK, so I’m not really an early adopter of many things…for one thing I’m a bit too cheap to be on the bleeding edge.  That being said, my lovely bride and I have recently entered the world of smartphones (see this previous post) and all that opens up.

One thing it opened up to me was the wonderful world of podcasting.  I’d listened to some podcasts in the past, but it involved downloading them from the website and then uploading them to my MP3 player…not very convenient, which meant I didn’t do it very often.  With the phone in hand I downloaded the PodKicker Android app, and that upped the convenience factor by a couple of orders of magnitude.

So far, my playlist is very Ham Radio and Geocaching oriented.  Some of my favorites include the Geo-Gearheads Podcast, the Geocaching Podcast and the PodCacher Podcast on the Geocaching side.

On the Ham Radio side I listen to the Practical Amateur Radio, Linux in the Ham Shack and SolderSmoke podcasts, regularly.

There have been a few podcasts where I’ve listened to one episode (or part of an episode) and determined that they weren’t worth my time, but for the most part I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of what I’m finding.  Since I spend a fair bit of time bus-commuting each day, these podcasts are helping me pass the miles.

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