April 6, 2014 | In: Ham Radio, IT

Was that a Crunch or a Bang?

Well…I've had a bit of a setback on the radio front, and it isn't laptop related.

We have a row of Douglas Firs right on the property line between us and our next-door neighbors.  The new owners of the house next door came over the other day and asked if we'd mind if they trimmed up the lower branches to open things up.  Not a problem, the end result looks good, and will make mowing that side of the yard a bit simpler.  The problem comes with the fact that, in trimming the branches, they managed to slice through one of the guy ropes for my 102-foot long G5RV antenna, leaving it draped across my roof.  I do have a vertical antenna that works well on the 10 and 20 metre bands, but if I want to work 15, 40 or 80 metres, I'm out of luck until I get it re-hung.

On the laptop front, I've had some success getting CQRLog and FLDigi configured to talk (via hamlib) with my Icom IC-718 HF radio.  Turns out that the secret was in adding myself to the "dialout" security group and then logging out and logging back in.  I'd added myself to the group, but couldn't get the computer and radio to talk to each other to save my life…only when further googling the situation did I stumble across the fact that being added to the group wasn't enough.  A quick logout/login later and my radio frequency was being displayed in my applications, and was changing as I spun the knob.

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