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Waling in the Rain, and Other Miscellany


Walking In The Rain

Last Sunday my younger son and I participated in the CROP Walk to support hunger programs both locally (Des Moines Area Food Bank) and globaly.

As is common in early May in the greater Seattle area, it was a bit rainy.  We were fortunate in that the heavy rains occured before the walk, and again after the walk’s conclusion.  I had a golf umbrella with me that served as a walking stick, and never had to be unfurled into rain-avoidance mode.  The last leg of the 3.9 mile loop is a steady uphill climb.  It started sprinkling hard as we made the final leg, and it was refreshingly cool.  We did the loop in 72 1/2 minutes, which is a pretty decent walking pace.  Thank you to my friends and co-workers who supported me in this fundraiser.

Miss Diana’s School of Etiquette

On Tuesdays Diana teaches a cooking class to elementary-school kids in the UGM After School Program which meets at our church. There is a Women’s Tea coming up at the end of the month, and the girls in the program, along with their mothers, aunts, etc. are invited. Diana realized an etiquette refresher might be a good idea for both the girls that might be attending, as well as everyone else in the class. On Tuesday the kids made a Mexican meal (Cinco de Mayo a day late) and then each of them set their places at the table. None of them got to sit down until “Miss Diana” had inspected their place setting for correct placement of napkin, flatware and drink. I then played waiter, carrying out the dishes for a family-style meal. It was fun watching these kids slowly start to get it, especially when I saw them catch themselves falling out of good manners and then recovering.

Radio and IT Stuff…

On Thursday I was elected to be Secretary for the Federal Way Amateur Radio Club (FWARC) for the next year. Ironically, I’ll miss my first board meeting in June, as Drew’s graduation is on the same night.

On Saturday I brought yet another XP Laptop back from the brink… It is now Minty Fresh with Linux Mint 16, and I am planning on using it for my Secretarial duties. I am writing this entry on that machine. I am impressed enough with the installer and the management tools that I’m going to help my dad resurrect a machine using Mint when he’s up visiting for graduation.

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