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Gradually Graduating


I’m back to work after a couple of weeks of scrambling, both on and off the job.  The first week was spent getting my youngest through two graduations, a birthday and a party.  The second was partly work and partly college prep work.

Graduation the 1st: On Thursday 6/12 we enjoyed watching Drew, KF7EPZ, recieve his Associates in Physics (with honors) from Highline Community College where he has attended as a running start student for the last two years.  We are very proud of this young man, and judging by the grin on his face, he was rightly proud of his accomplishment.  Not only was he grinning from ear-to-ear, I think even his ears were grinning.

On Friday 6/13, this self-same harmonic celebrated his 18th birthday and my lovely bride threw one wingding of a party over at the church for him.  Several of his teachers from FWPA and Meredith Hill were in attendance, as well as friends from HCC and many church members.  As part of this he had made trophies for many of the teachers (gold spray-paint FTW) such as a robot for the robotics teacher, a compass/protractor/ruler mélange for the geometry teacher, etc., and had an “awards ceremony” to present them.

On Saturday  we then attended the graduation ceremony for Thomas Jefferson High School at the Tacoma Dome, where he received his High School Diploma with High Honors.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and since my parents were up from Nevada for the graduation festivities, I got to spend Father’s Day with my dad.

Monday was a recovery day, then back to work for three days (burned almost entirely on rebuilding a machine twice in a failed attempt to get it to talk to one of our systems.)  Thursday after work we headed down to the greater Portland area to get Drew registered at George Fox University, where he’ll be matriculating in August.

While in the Portland area we got to spend some time with one of Diana’s brothers and his family, and to do some Geocaching, including the rather famous Dr. Who Cache and a visit to Powell’s City of Books (a bookstore covering more than a full city block…)

A normal-ish week this week at work, and then ARRL Field Day on Saturday, but that will be a post of its own…

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