September 1, 2014 | In: Family, Geocaching, Ham Radio

Summer Update, Empty Nest Edition


Well…it has been a busy summer, and I haven’t gotten around to getting anything written down, so here’s a quick summary.

  • Field Day with the FWARC was a bit on the damp side…OK we got SOAKED, but fun was had by all…and dry socks are a beautiful thing!
  • David made a quick visit from Missouri.  He spent several days working at Everfree Northwest and a few days visiting with family.
  • On August 1st Diana, Drew and I, in a three-hour span, achieved the Geocaching Seven Souvenirs of August.
  • Diana and I made it up to the Geocaching Block Party, and both of us achieved our 1400th finds.
  • On August 21st we took Drew down to start his college career at George Fox University.
  • On August 23rd we returned to a house with no minors.

I must say that the Welcome Weekend at GFU was very well done.  We got to campus about 9 AM, and were directed to Drew’s dorm.  About a half-dozen members of the football team were there to unload the back of the station wagon, and by the time we were parked and walked back to the dorm, Drew was already in his room with all his boxes and suitcases, starting to unpack.  The afternnon and evening were scheduled with events and presentations for both parents and students (sometimes together and sometimes apart) closing the evening with a dedication service for the students.  From the seriousness of that we then all decamped to the madhouse that was Fred Meyer’s GFU after-hours sale.  We were finally back to our hotel about 1 AM…

The next morning there were more parent Q&A sessions, followed by lunch and a closing ceremony, after which the parents were told in no uncertain terms that we needed to remove ourselves from campus.

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