March 1, 2015 | In: Ham Radio, IT

Shack Computer Redux


When Drew headed off to college with his shiny new laptop, he left behind a decent Dell small-form-factor Ubuntu machine with a nearly-new 20″ monitor.  I just couldn’t let it sit and gather dust now, could I?While Ubuntu was great for the boys to do their school-work on, I’m not a huge fan of the UI that was installed on their box. There was a fair bit of free space on the drive, so I decided install Linux Mint in a dual-boot configuration.  Once i got that going, I moved it into the shack to replace the Vaio which was getting a bit long-in-the-tooth.

Items of note:  a) Laptops and desktop machines have different footprints; and b) A 20″ widescreen monitor is a lot wider than a 14″ laptop screen

These items led to the inevitable re-working of my entire operating position.  Before, the rig was to the left and the laptop was to the right.  Now, the monitor is to the left, the rig is to the right, and the computer itself is on the next shelf over.  Of course these changes also required the re-routing of a number of cables.  Which in turn caused me to pull a bunch of stuff out and re-arrange other parts of the shack.  You know how these things are…

I got the physical setup the way I wanted it, and then needed to get the software working to my specifications.  I’ve had CQRLog working pretty much all along, but it wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I got FLDigi talking to my rig.  This afternoon I got FLDigi and CQRLog talking to each other, and TQSL installed, so I think I’m ready to roll.

The one thing I’d like to do before the weekend is get the N1MM contest logger working under WINE, as the ARRL DX Contest is next weekend.

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