October 2, 2012 | In: Ham Radio, IT

Hello, Hello, Is this thing on?

Well, let’s see if this attempt at blogging goes any better than my last attempt 😉

Friday evening I was twiddling around on the ham bands, and saw a spot that station 3D2C was on the air from a flyspeck island in the South Pacific called Conway Reef. The spotting report took me to the 17 Meter Band (or 17 Metre for you Blokes across the pond) where I’ve ventured only rarely. I found the station, set my IC-718 to split mode, and answered the operator on the next call. I was blown out of my seat by the fact that he came back to me ON THE FIRST TRY. Usually I have to throw my call out there four or five times before someone answers…comes from having a decent (but not great) antenna hanging at significantly-less-than-optimum height and running barefoot at 100 Watts. To have this guy on a coral reef island 450 KM from Fiji answer me on the first try was a WOW moment. This hobby always has a new surprise waiting around the corner. I’m thinking I may need to hang out on 17M more often.

So much for one of my hobbies… stay tuned for info on the post-fire updates at the church…

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